Emma Goldman


What were the results of Emma's actions?

          Many people were shocked by Emma Goldman's radical actions, but lots supported her, like when 3,000 people greeted her after spending a year in jail. She captured people's attention, and she fascinated the world and left her footprint everywhere she stumbled upon, whether it was wanted or not. Some people listened to Goldman, and she led them in rallies, on strikes, through marches, and with her stimulating speeches. Even though some of Goldman's rebellious actions resulted in jail several times, she didn't let it hold her back and she kept on doing what she wanted to.
          Goldman may not be as well remembered today as, say, Rosa Parks, but she, in a way, comes back to life in the musical Ragtime where somebody plays her character. This is a great tribute towards her because Goldman helps to remind people that women can make a difference, too. Goldman also inspires women of all ages today to take action and stand up for what you believe in. I certainly am inspired by this captivating woman who managed to hear, see, and feel almost every aspect of the world during her incredible life.

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

Emma Goldman was strongly against the government as an anarchist, and this quote shows us that she thinks that voting is a scam and that it won't change anything. Goldman used mostly orating and some violence to make a difference.