Emma Goldman


Why did certain women become activists?
What motivated Emma to act?

          Many women became activists because they had strong opinions that they wanted to share with the world, and they wanted to get rid of the stereotypes that women had to prove that they are equal to men. Some of the women activists we remember today because of their courage, beliefs, and strength, but some, like Emma Goldman, seem to slowly disappear from books and references. Women knew that they could change the social or political situation and that they shouldn’t just leave it up to the men. I really admire the activist women from the 20th century for their courage to stand up for what they feel is right. Without the amazing women that helped change our nation, America would probably not be in the same place it is now, and I respect every single woman that tried to make a difference.
          Goldman was motivated because after she wasn't permitted to go to school any more, she really paid attention to the political and social world around her. She researched more about it, and became extremely interested in different communities and governments.
Also, Emma Goldman decided to act and become an anarchist after witnessing a bomb go off in Haymarket Square, and some anarchists were blamed and executed even though they had nothing to do with the bomb. Witnessing such a horrible, shell-shocking scene really made Goldman want to be part of those rebels that were accused. Emma Goldman decided to dedicate her life to anarchism; learning about it, speaking about it, teaching others about it because she became engrossed in it. That is exactly what she did, and because of that, she changed many lives. 

"When we can't dream any longer we die."

Emma Goldman was a dreamer who had goals and ideas, and this quote shows us how without dreams, it is basically impossible to live or think because you have no hopes or desires in the world.